Teen Wolf… In Lexington?

Friday was our last day in Nashville and it was time for my parents and I to drive back up to Lexington Kentucky. After our big breakfast at our hotel, we packed up and headed back on the road. Once again we were bopping to “Yacht Rock” radio on Sirius XM and took in the sights during our drive. 

I can’t talk enough about how beautiful I find Kentucky, especially Lexington. There are gorgeous stables everywhere that are nicer than some houses and the land is so green. Lexington is also the home of University of Kentucky and their spirit for the school is so wonderful. Whenever we would go into malls, there would be at least four University of Kentucky stores. Even when you’re walking around, there are 3/5 people wearing something with their logo on it. School spirit is huge for this city.

My favorite shopping area we went to in Lexington is called The Summit at Fritz Farm. It was brand new and had the best stores. I was happily surprised to find out there was another Draper James in this outside mall (there’s only three stores in the contry). I went to two Draper James in two days. The atmosphere was so nice and the weather was a wonderful 65 degrees. 

But I have to say, my favorite part about visiting Lexington was randomly meeting actor Tyler Posey at Fayette Mall. It was crazy. He was there for an appearance at Dillard’s (he was supporting the brand Kiehl’s) and I got to get a picture with him! It was amazing and I didn’t expect that to happen. It really put the cherry on top of this awesome family vacation. My parents are already looking into booking another trip to Nashville for our next break!


Bonut Love

The Gulch in Nashville is a very upscale part of the city. And most importantly, Biscuit Love is located there. When I was researching things to do and places to go, I saw everyone recommending going to Biscuit Love and trying their famous bonuts.

If you don’t know what a bonut is, it’s a delicacy that’s half biscuit and half donut. The order comes with five and it’s easy to share. The bonuts are topped with mascopon cream and a side of blueberry preservatives. The bonut was light as a biscuit and rich like a donut. This is a must have when you travel to Nashville. My mother, who isn’t a big sweet tooth, couldn’t help but have two! It was hard to stop ourselves from ordering another. They also have really good biscuits and gravy if you aren’t feeling up to dessert in the morning. Biscuit Love even has a huge Nashville sign that is cute to take pictures with!

The gulch is also home to the music wings mural. I had to get a picture with them and they make a cute Instagram post. There was even tiny wings for children and dogs! The Gulch was very nice to hang out at. You can find some really cool murals and trendy restaurants there.

Shopping like Elle Woods

One of the top places I wanted to go to on my trip to Nashville was Draper James. Just by reading that sentence you can probably tell where my priorities are and what type of girl I am. Draper James is known for dressing girls up for southern charm and class. It’s also owned by one of my favorite actresses, Reese Witherspoon. This store is on 12th South right next to the iconic “I Believe in Nashville” mural. Right when you walk into the store, the employees hand you a sweet tea with a smile. All the clothes were absolutely beautiful and I wanted everything in the store. It’s also on the cutest Street in Nashville. There was a lot of cool restaurants (one called The Flipside was even featured on the Food Network) and a fan favorite for donuts called Five Daughters Bakery is a must go to place. 

After exploring this Street and shopping at Draper James, we drove through Belmont University and then headed out for the town of Franklin. Franklin is such a cute little historic town and the boutiques we’re so much fun to shop at. The trip over there was also beautiful. We had views of acres of land and the landscape is totally different than Florida’s. I love being able to see something different and experience being in a different place. We also got to checkout Brentwood and go shopping at their mall. Finally, we got to stop at the iconic Bluebird Cafe. Many artists got there break there and it’s very difficult to reserve spots to go eat here (I tried and ultimately failed). You can even see The Bluebird Cafe on the hit show Nashville. 

For dinner, my parents and I ate at Hog Heaven (I totally recommend their ribs) and headed out for Broadway again. We got to take a walk on the Pedestrian Bridge and the views of Downtown Nashville we’re amazing. Afterwards, we went to Tin Roof again to listen to some music. This time we ordered their nachos with the pulled pork and it was a winner. We ended the night by walking around downtown and listening to music from every corner. We also got to people watch and I noticed Nashville is a place to go for Bachelorette parties. It was fun to see Cinderella style carriages strolling people up and down the streets. There was also drinking bikes and tractors pulling people in wagons. Everywhere you turn on Broadway there is always excitement. This is what made me fall in love with this city.

Honky tonkin’ and Southern Livin’

On the first day of the Polin Family Vacay expedition, we flew into Lexington Kentucky. My parents like to take road trips so we tried to incorporate that in this vacation. Right when we landed, we got our rental car and set off for Nashville. The drive was so much fun. My parents and I jammed to oldies and even took a little detour to Louisville. When we got to Nashville, we checked into our hotel and walked over to Hattie B’s for lunch. 

Hattie B’s is by far the best southern food I’ve ever eaten. The chicken was so juicy and flavorful with a kick of spice. We also had delicious pimento mac and cheese, baked beans, and coleslaw for our sides. I was literally walking out there with a smile on my face and 10 Ibs heavier. Hattie B’s was also a very hoppin’ place. When we got to the restaurant, there was already a line outside the door. We only had to wait about 10 minutes and the service was fast. I would recommend to just get the 1/3 bird and pick a few different sides if especially if  you are with two or three people. We also ordered the chicken tenders, but that was way too much food for my family and I. Let’s just say we we’re very satisfied customers at the end of our meal. 

After lunch, we decided to take a walk around Vanderbilt University and Centennial Park. Both places were very beautiful with both old and new buildings. I loved the history of Nashville and you can really see it throughout the city. Centennial Park had a great vibe and it’s known for it’s Parthenon replica. This place was very cool to take pictures and just sit on a park bench to enjoy the nature around you.

At night was the best time to be in Nashville. My parents and I headed down to Broadway and got to check out the sights. There was music blasting at every bar and it was finally my chance to go honky tonking. My parents went into different bars taking in all the music and enjoying the atmosphere. If you ever go down Broadway, checking out Tootsie’s is a must. Some of Nashville’s finest have performed there. Finally, we arrived to our favorite bar (we became a regular there after that week). The bar was called Tin Roof and it not only had a great aesthetic, but they also had the best happy hour in town. It even says it on a neon sign outside the bar. The music was fantastic and they had a great pulled pork sandwich. I would recommend this place a thousand times because it was that great.

My first day in Nashville was amazing and it kept on getting better each day we were there. More descriptions of yummy food and activity ideas are coming up so stay tuned my friends.

The Polin Pack is going to Nashville

All summer my parents and I were pondering on trip ideas for our family vacation this summer. My mom wanted to go on a cruise to the Bahamas, my dad wanted to go wine tasting in Napa Valley, and I wanted to go on a European world tour (LOL my parents turned that down real fast). We were so conflicted on where to go because we didn’t know if we wanted to stay on the east coast, go to the West coast, or set sail somewhere. We also debated with each other. My dad wasn’t so keen on being on a ship for long periods in the day and my mom wasn’t nuts about the hilly drive in California. So I brought up Nashville. A few friends of mine go to school over there and I only hear great things about this music city. It’s a nice city where you don’t have to drive everywhere to get anywhere. It also has a great night life that is fun for all ages. My parents loved the idea and we decided that was the place for our family vacay. In my next few blog posts, I’ll describe this fun City and inform you on the must see places and the amazing food that is good for the soul… But not the heart. 

Taking Flyte

Yoga is one of my favorite kind of workouts. Not only do I focus on my physical abilities, but I also get to relax and meditate. It’s a time for thinking and building strength in my mind and body. So, when I heard that there was a type of yoga called aerial yoga, I was excited to try it out.

Aerial yoga is exactly like regular yoga, but you’re doing it on a silk hammock. You do a variety of moves and you get to show off your acrobatic skills. You can hang upside down like a bat or swing like a child. Luckily, there’s an aerial yoga place in Naples called House of Flyte and I got to have the opportunity to try out this new trendy workout.

When I first got there I was kind nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I made sure to take a beginners class because I didn’t want to get into a situation that would make a fool out of myself. Our instructor began our class with the background story of aerial yoga. Aerial yoga was created by an acrobat who thought yoga would be even better on a hammock. We started with relaxing yoga moves on the hammock (like child’s pose) and then eased our way into the acrobatic portion of the class. The acrobat part wasn’t as bad as I thought and it was actually really fun. I felt like pink performing on silks at the 2010 Grammy’s. My favorite one was the vampire pose and I was literally in a upside down cacoon. The instructor even went around and took pictures of everyone in that position. We also got to swing on the silk hammocks and it made my friend and I giggle because of how much fun it was. The best part in yoga is always shavasona and it was even better in aerial yoga. I got to lay on my back in the hammock and close my eyes in relaxtion while I was gently swinging back and forth. Aerial yoga is a must try workout and it’s an even fun hangout with a friend. I’m definitely going to have to go back, but this time I might challenge myself and take a harder class!

Winning in Wynwood

On my last day in magical Miami, I packed up my camera and made sure I was wearing an incredible outfit because my friend’s and I were going to Wynwood. Wynwood is an art district in Miami. Known for it’s street art and walls, Wynwood is a great place to express your artistic and creative side. 

In the morning, we made sure we got there early so we could grab donuts at Salty Donut before they were gone. Salty Donut may have one of the best donuts around. With so many delicious and interesting flavors, it was hard to just buy one. After spending a long time analyzing the menu, I ended up getting the cookies and cream donut and the strawberry shortcake donut. The cookies and cream donut was very rich and satisfied my chocolate lover self, but I have to say my favorite was the strawberry shortcake flavor. Not only was it pretty on the outside, but it was also even more yummy on the inside. Real strawberries and cream was oozing from it. Not only was I stuffed, but I was very much a happy customer.

Once we cleaned up frosting from our fingers and mouths, it was time to explore the famous Wynwood Walls. Not only were the walls spectacular, but they made a great aesthetic for some pretty Instagram pictures. We spent almost 3 hours taking pictures and walking down streets. Even the sidewalks had art on them! With cute quotes and funny sayings sprayed on the concrete, you could even take spunky pictures of your feet with them. 

Lunch at Wynwood was a great ending to my Wynwood day. We got tacos from Coyo Taco. Coyo Taco looked like any other restaurant in Wynwood, with the walls painted and decorated, but what made this place different was the secret door that lead to a club at night. Not everyday do I see a taco place by day and a cool club at night. Only in Miami.

Sadly, our time in Miami came to an end and we had to embark on our trip back to Naples before rush hour. It was bittersweet. I would miss the energy and uniqueness of Miami, but I was ready to get back to my own little paradise. Until next time Miami!