Staying Florida Strong

A few weeks ago I was excited about this time of month. It’s the weekend before my 20th birthday. I planned on making every day leading up to my birthday special. From dinners with friends to asking my parents what kind of cake I was receiving this year. I was planning out the perfect week. Sadly, on labor day we got an announcement from the govenor of Florida that their was a category 4 hurricane coming towards our state. This weekend was no longer about me, but about keeping our state safe. Not only was I afraid for the people close to me, but I was also scared for the people of Florida. Many evacuated immediately while my family stayed back. I had mixed feelings about whether we should go or not, but I did know I wanted to stay close with my loved ones. I keep on praying and hoping that this hurricane doesn’t do any damage to our lives. I pray for the residents of Florida and the people here visiting. I pray for everyone who evacuated, hoping they have a safe ride to their destinations. I pray that the calm before the storm can be calm through it too. I pray that this hurricane doesn’t change lives for the worst. Florida has to stay strong and keep on fighting this natural disaster. I’ll keep you all updated with what is happening here, but please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.


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