Flying Back to the Nest

Going into a new semester of school is always so exciting. You’re looking forward to seeing and meeting new friends, moving back on campus, and discovering your self for another year. You get to feel the excitement of freshmen coming into their first semester of school and feel the energy of relief from seniors preparing to graduate. Plus, the first week of school is always the best. You get to have one week free of stress because it’s syllabus week.

I go to Florida Gulf Coast University and they make it their main priority of welcoming their students with open arms. Every day of the first week they create an event for students to have fun and get free FGCU merch. My favorite day was the fair day because they had amazing food (like funnel cake and cotton candy) and they also had a carnival ride on canvas! I also loved FGCU’S 20th anniversary party because there was so much school spirit and I got to experience history for my school. 

The first week can also be a little stressful especially if you’re unsure about classes or worrying about breaking the bank with buying textbooks. It wouldn’t be normal not to have a little bump in the road the first few days, but realize everything happens for a reason. Just trust the process and you’ll be fine. I myself even had a few stressful days, but I can’t let those few things bother me. I’m in college and I’m so thankful to be where I am.

College is amazing and I hope this year goes as good as my freshmen year! My new school year’s resolution is to do what makes me happy and feel fulfilled. My main priority is my education and focusing on my future. I want to make many more wonderful friends and make as many connections as possible. This will also be my first school year as not a teenager, so I want to start off my 20’s as strong as possible. Thank you for wanting to be a part of my journey and I can’t wait to update you all with everything that happens not only this semester, but this whole year! Stay tuned!


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