“Fiesta” Key

My friend Maddie and I love to go on little adventures together. Whether it’s hitting up Miami or exploring the areas around where we live, she’s always up for doing something exciting and spontaneous with me. We wanted to do a beach day for our next hangout, but we didn’t want it to be like any other old beach day. We decided to make a day trip to the best beach in the U.S.A., Siesta Key.

Siesta Key is known for it’s white powder like sand and clear blue waters. It’s ranked #1 and I wanted to be the judge of that. So at 8am on a Wednesday, Maddie and I set off for our girl’s trip. We jammed to Fergie and Adele while singing at the top of our lungs. The two hour car ride didn’t seem that long because we were having so much fun enjoying each other’s company. 

Once we parked at beach access 5, we got our stuff to go lay out by the water. I must say, Siesta Key is as beautiful as everyone makes it out to be. The sand was so soft and the weather was gorgeous. Not a cloud in the sky. So we relaxed under the sun and catched up on some enjoyment reading. Before we knew it, our belly’s started growling and knew it was time to grab some food.

Siesta Key, and Florida in general, have many seafood restaurants and beach style cuisine. We decided to go to Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar. It was perfect because it was a two minute walk from where we were. We parked next to a strip called Ocean Boulevard and it has many cute restaurants and souvenir shops. It was very convenient, especially because we didn’t want to drive out of the parking lot and lose our spot. We ordered a few different appetizers and a meal. The calamari and coconut shrimp was delicious. My mahi mahi wrap hit the spot and filled me right up. The restaurant had a cool vibe and they even play live music at night.

After we were full and energized, we ended up shopping for a little bit and then went to the main area of the beach. This area was my favorite because it had cute lifeguard booths and there was more people around. We stayed there for another hour just people watching and walking around. Once we had our first few yawns, we decided it was time to go. We we’re tired from being in the sun all day and traveling. 

On our way home, we reminisced on our day trip and praised ourselves for shaking things up with our beach day. We even started planning when we were going to go again because we loved it so much. Whether you live in Florida or just visiting, Siesta Key is a must go to place. It is the most beautiful beach in America and I put my stamp of approval on that statement.


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