Teen Wolf… In Lexington?

Friday was our last day in Nashville and it was time for my parents and I to drive back up to Lexington Kentucky. After our big breakfast at our hotel, we packed up and headed back on the road. Once again we were bopping to “Yacht Rock” radio on Sirius XM and took in the sights during our drive. 

I can’t talk enough about how beautiful I find Kentucky, especially Lexington. There are gorgeous stables everywhere that are nicer than some houses and the land is so green. Lexington is also the home of University of Kentucky and their spirit for the school is so wonderful. Whenever we would go into malls, there would be at least four University of Kentucky stores. Even when you’re walking around, there are 3/5 people wearing something with their logo on it. School spirit is huge for this city.

My favorite shopping area we went to in Lexington is called The Summit at Fritz Farm. It was brand new and had the best stores. I was happily surprised to find out there was another Draper James in this outside mall (there’s only three stores in the contry). I went to two Draper James in two days. The atmosphere was so nice and the weather was a wonderful 65 degrees. 

But I have to say, my favorite part about visiting Lexington was randomly meeting actor Tyler Posey at Fayette Mall. It was crazy. He was there for an appearance at Dillard’s (he was supporting the brand Kiehl’s) and I got to get a picture with him! It was amazing and I didn’t expect that to happen. It really put the cherry on top of this awesome family vacation. My parents are already looking into booking another trip to Nashville for our next break!


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