Bonut Love

The Gulch in Nashville is a very upscale part of the city. And most importantly, Biscuit Love is located there. When I was researching things to do and places to go, I saw everyone recommending going to Biscuit Love and trying their famous bonuts.

If you don’t know what a bonut is, it’s a delicacy that’s half biscuit and half donut. The order comes with five and it’s easy to share. The bonuts are topped with mascopon cream and a side of blueberry preservatives. The bonut was light as a biscuit and rich like a donut. This is a must have when you travel to Nashville. My mother, who isn’t a big sweet tooth, couldn’t help but have two! It was hard to stop ourselves from ordering another. They also have really good biscuits and gravy if you aren’t feeling up to dessert in the morning. Biscuit Love even has a huge Nashville sign that is cute to take pictures with!

The gulch is also home to the music wings mural. I had to get a picture with them and they make a cute Instagram post. There was even tiny wings for children and dogs! The Gulch was very nice to hang out at. You can find some really cool murals and trendy restaurants there.


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