Shopping like Elle Woods

One of the top places I wanted to go to on my trip to Nashville was Draper James. Just by reading that sentence you can probably tell where my priorities are and what type of girl I am. Draper James is known for dressing girls up for southern charm and class. It’s also owned by one of my favorite actresses, Reese Witherspoon. This store is on 12th South right next to the iconic “I Believe in Nashville” mural. Right when you walk into the store, the employees hand you a sweet tea with a smile. All the clothes were absolutely beautiful and I wanted everything in the store. It’s also on the cutest Street in Nashville. There was a lot of cool restaurants (one called The Flipside was even featured on the Food Network) and a fan favorite for donuts called Five Daughters Bakery is a must go to place. 

After exploring this Street and shopping at Draper James, we drove through Belmont University and then headed out for the town of Franklin. Franklin is such a cute little historic town and the boutiques we’re so much fun to shop at. The trip over there was also beautiful. We had views of acres of land and the landscape is totally different than Florida’s. I love being able to see something different and experience being in a different place. We also got to checkout Brentwood and go shopping at their mall. Finally, we got to stop at the iconic Bluebird Cafe. Many artists got there break there and it’s very difficult to reserve spots to go eat here (I tried and ultimately failed). You can even see The Bluebird Cafe on the hit show Nashville. 

For dinner, my parents and I ate at Hog Heaven (I totally recommend their ribs) and headed out for Broadway again. We got to take a walk on the Pedestrian Bridge and the views of Downtown Nashville we’re amazing. Afterwards, we went to Tin Roof again to listen to some music. This time we ordered their nachos with the pulled pork and it was a winner. We ended the night by walking around downtown and listening to music from every corner. We also got to people watch and I noticed Nashville is a place to go for Bachelorette parties. It was fun to see Cinderella style carriages strolling people up and down the streets. There was also drinking bikes and tractors pulling people in wagons. Everywhere you turn on Broadway there is always excitement. This is what made me fall in love with this city.


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