The Polin Pack is going to Nashville

All summer my parents and I were pondering on trip ideas for our family vacation this summer. My mom wanted to go on a cruise to the Bahamas, my dad wanted to go wine tasting in Napa Valley, and I wanted to go on a European world tour (LOL my parents turned that down real fast). We were so conflicted on where to go because we didn’t know if we wanted to stay on the east coast, go to the West coast, or set sail somewhere. We also debated with each other. My dad wasn’t so keen on being on a ship for long periods in the day and my mom wasn’t nuts about the hilly drive in California. So I brought up Nashville. A few friends of mine go to school over there and I only hear great things about this music city. It’s a nice city where you don’t have to drive everywhere to get anywhere. It also has a great night life that is fun for all ages. My parents loved the idea and we decided that was the place for our family vacay. In my next few blog posts, I’ll describe this fun City and inform you on the must see places and the amazing food that is good for the soul… But not the heart. 


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