Honky tonkin’ and Southern Livin’

On the first day of the Polin Family Vacay expedition, we flew into Lexington Kentucky. My parents like to take road trips so we tried to incorporate that in this vacation. Right when we landed, we got our rental car and set off for Nashville. The drive was so much fun. My parents and I jammed to oldies and even took a little detour to Louisville. When we got to Nashville, we checked into our hotel and walked over to Hattie B’s for lunch. 

Hattie B’s is by far the best southern food I’ve ever eaten. The chicken was so juicy and flavorful with a kick of spice. We also had delicious pimento mac and cheese, baked beans, and coleslaw for our sides. I was literally walking out there with a smile on my face and 10 Ibs heavier. Hattie B’s was also a very hoppin’ place. When we got to the restaurant, there was already a line outside the door. We only had to wait about 10 minutes and the service was fast. I would recommend to just get the 1/3 bird and pick a few different sides if especially if  you are with two or three people. We also ordered the chicken tenders, but that was way too much food for my family and I. Let’s just say we we’re very satisfied customers at the end of our meal. 

After lunch, we decided to take a walk around Vanderbilt University and Centennial Park. Both places were very beautiful with both old and new buildings. I loved the history of Nashville and you can really see it throughout the city. Centennial Park had a great vibe and it’s known for it’s Parthenon replica. This place was very cool to take pictures and just sit on a park bench to enjoy the nature around you.

At night was the best time to be in Nashville. My parents and I headed down to Broadway and got to check out the sights. There was music blasting at every bar and it was finally my chance to go honky tonking. My parents went into different bars taking in all the music and enjoying the atmosphere. If you ever go down Broadway, checking out Tootsie’s is a must. Some of Nashville’s finest have performed there. Finally, we arrived to our favorite bar (we became a regular there after that week). The bar was called Tin Roof and it not only had a great aesthetic, but they also had the best happy hour in town. It even says it on a neon sign outside the bar. The music was fantastic and they had a great pulled pork sandwich. I would recommend this place a thousand times because it was that great.

My first day in Nashville was amazing and it kept on getting better each day we were there. More descriptions of yummy food and activity ideas are coming up so stay tuned my friends.


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