Winning in Wynwood

On my last day in magical Miami, I packed up my camera and made sure I was wearing an incredible outfit because my friend’s and I were going to Wynwood. Wynwood is an art district in Miami. Known for it’s street art and walls, Wynwood is a great place to express your artistic and creative side. 

In the morning, we made sure we got there early so we could grab donuts at Salty Donut before they were gone. Salty Donut may have one of the best donuts around. With so many delicious and interesting flavors, it was hard to just buy one. After spending a long time analyzing the menu, I ended up getting the cookies and cream donut and the strawberry shortcake donut. The cookies and cream donut was very rich and satisfied my chocolate lover self, but I have to say my favorite was the strawberry shortcake flavor. Not only was it pretty on the outside, but it was also even more yummy on the inside. Real strawberries and cream was oozing from it. Not only was I stuffed, but I was very much a happy customer.

Once we cleaned up frosting from our fingers and mouths, it was time to explore the famous Wynwood Walls. Not only were the walls spectacular, but they made a great aesthetic for some pretty Instagram pictures. We spent almost 3 hours taking pictures and walking down streets. Even the sidewalks had art on them! With cute quotes and funny sayings sprayed on the concrete, you could even take spunky pictures of your feet with them. 

Lunch at Wynwood was a great ending to my Wynwood day. We got tacos from Coyo Taco. Coyo Taco looked like any other restaurant in Wynwood, with the walls painted and decorated, but what made this place different was the secret door that lead to a club at night. Not everyday do I see a taco place by day and a cool club at night. Only in Miami.

Sadly, our time in Miami came to an end and we had to embark on our trip back to Naples before rush hour. It was bittersweet. I would miss the energy and uniqueness of Miami, but I was ready to get back to my own little paradise. Until next time Miami!


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