South Beach Shopping and UM Touring

On my second day in Miami, my friend and I decided we wanted to go shopping around Miami. We started at Lincoln Road browsing through Forever 21 and Steve Madden. Lincoln Road is a strip with a bunch of famous stores to shop at and the atmosphere was fun and fresh. After shopping for two hours, we made our way down to South Beach to go find a restaurant. 

We ended up going to a Cuban restaurant called Havana 1957. I totally recommend going to a restaurant that sells authentic Cuban cuisine for anyone who is planning on taking a trip to Miami. The Cuban food in Miami is amazing. And the restaurant we went to was beautiful and right on South Beach. I ordered the original Cubano Sandwich and delicious is an understatement. I’ve never had such a great sandwich in my life. It filled my belly and gave me more energy for shopping. We then proceeded down South Beach for sightseeing and browsing some well known places like Sugar Factory and Dash. South Beach is a must go for a tourist because of it’s food and excitement.

After spending the whole morning and early afternoon there, my friend and I got an Uber to take us to Merrick Park Mall in Coral Gables for even more shopping. This mall was very beautiful with a mix of stores. What is even better about the mall was it’s close proximity to the University of Miami. We got to go explore the campus after we finished shopping and the school was as gorgeous as a private school could be. Moss trees surrounded the campus and the modern style of the campus is every student’s dream. Not to mention it was close to a poke bowl restaurant which, not going to lie, made me so happy! After getting a full tour of the school from my friend’s sister, we picked up some poke bowls and had a girl’s night in.


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