Brickell is Beckoning

After a few weeks of planning and creating the perfect itinerary, my friend and I finally set out for Miami on a Thursday. I live on the west coast of Florida and it’s a 2 hour drive to get to the “Magic City”. To make the drive go by faster my friend and I were jamming out to the Burlesque soundtrack and DJ Khaled’s new album. Creating deep conversation and sharing a bunch of laughs made the trip not feel as excruciating and it gave my friend and I a chance to bond. 

Finally, we got to her sister’s house in Coral Gables to unpack and get ready for our night’s endeavors. My close friend from college is living in Brickell for the summer and we decided to meet up at Brickell City Centre and then go get dinner. Brickell City Centre is a new and upcoming designer shopping mall. The architecture, like almost all of Brickell, was very modern and intricate. The stores vary from upscale like Saks Fifth Avenue to fan favorites like Zara. We shopped our way to an appetite and got food at Suviche. 

You can find Suviche almost anywhere in Miami and the cuisine is a mix of Peruvian and Japanese dishes. My two favorite meals on the menu was the original Suviche bowl with shrimp and the perfection sushi roll. Both kept me wanting more and the minimal prices didn’t make it any easier for me to contain myself. 

Later that night, we all went to my friend’s apartment at Brickell on the River. Not only was the apartment the definition of luxury, but the views of Brickell that you got from her living room made me not ever want to leave. On the seventh floor is two pools that had amazing views of the Brickell river. The living at Brickell on the River is everything you want to get out of living in Miami which is the high life. Swimming under a sky lit up by the lights illuminating from high rises on both sides of you is the most dreamlike experience ever. My first day in Miami was a complete success. 


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